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Writing Retreat on Crete

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1 week writing retreat on Crete’s west coast, in the village of Kampos. Find your writing self! Seminar language is English, you can write in German, English and French – as we want to create an international audience which can be very inspiring.
The fee includes the writing classes (20 hours), half-pension and accomodation  (single or double room). Coffee, tea, water, juices and fruit during the writing hours are provided. Flight, rental cars (recommended – we’ll organize it for the group), Yoga lessons and massage sessions are to be paid extra, as well as alcoholic beverages.

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7 day’s writing retreat in Western Crete

Your personal hero’s journey: As you already left your ordinary world (Step 1) and arrived with your call to adventure (Step 2: to write), we will first fight against your refusal of the call (Step 3: the fear of the white page) and give you the possibility to meet your mentor (Step 4: the writing teacher) so that you will be able to cross the threshold (Step 5: to start writing). After this, you will meet your personal tests, your enemies and your allies (Step 6: description, invention of characters and their back-stories with all those steps of the hero’s journey). Step 7 will deepen your writing knowledge; you will find the enemies and the allies of your fictive hero. Step 8 will confront you with your deepest fears: finding the right plot for your story, but the reward (Step 9) will not be far away and you will be successful and – Step 10: return with the “elixir”. So when you come home from this writer’s journey, you will perfectly know how to proceed to finish your writing project.


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